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Angelique Boudet sees the beauty of the world and captures it in her work. Her photography reveals that beauty, the Hozho that heals, finding it all around us, everywhere in our everyday environment, in the tiniest of recesses, in every person.

Offering a new view, a wonder filled and fresh vision. Going back to simplicity and heading towards ecology in order to try to give some balance back to this earth.

As a yoga practitioner herself Angelique believes this kind of practice is important to awaken the spirit, clarify, purify, reinforce, and to develop the body and the soul.

She lives and works between Paris, Marseille and the rest of the world.

Angelique Boudet has made numerous solo exhibitions and has taken many series of photographs in India, Australia, Morocco, Brazil, Quebec, Africa, Italia, Mexico and more.

These photographs and other portfolios are available for exhibitions. Signed and numbered photographs may be purchased directly from Angélique Boudet.

Exhibition : Bords de mer - juillet 2013
Pavillon M, Place Villeneuve-Bargemon, Quai du port. 13002 Marseille

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"Om, the world of Ashtanga yogis"

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